hyperHTML: A Virtual DOM Alternative


However …

  • it’s deadly simple to trash and sneak any string in
  • it’s been a mess since ever due lost handlers, lost referenced nodes, Garbage Collectors that went bananas, etc. etc.

But …

Still The DOM After All

list of yo-yo features and goals

hyperHTML To The Rescue

hyperHTML examples

hyperHTML in a nutshell

  • even attributes? sure, even inline class or V0 listeners such onclick="${callback}"
  • both text and html? You got it, and more! Just be sure if you want to pass a fragment, a node, or an HTML content there’s no extra chars around it.
  • lists of elements too? Yup, feel free to play with tests and examples, also live, but not transpiled (yet), on this page.



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Andrea Giammarchi

Web, Mobile, IoT, and all JS things since 00's. Formerly JS engineer at @nokia, @facebook, @twitter.