Are you happy about TS? Good, really good! We’re all happy about you being happy too … now, can you let it go too? Thank you!

Enough is enough!

I understand these days most job offers put all possible buzzwords in the required skills, and TS happens to always be there, but I am deadly tired of Twitter’s developers be like “TS or GTFO” for everything … seriously!

There are people not understanding the following points, pretending to be “moar professional” than others, or something … I don’t know … but, please let’s stop this madness already, shall we?

As summary

Please stop this madness: if you like TS for reasons you experienced, we’re all good with that, or happy to learn about that, but if you keep shaming every developer or project that didn’t find what you found in this “yet another transpiled-to-JS language”, please don’t push your opinion further because … you know, it’s literally just your opinion.

So thank you for making Web development a better place, again!

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