JavaScript is one of the most dynamic scripting programming languages. This article underlines the security concerns associated with JS.

Among scripting programming languages, JS is surely one of the most dynamic ones, or better, one of those languages where one could define, intercept, override, pretty much everything, including the crypto.subtle namespace used to encrypt and decrypt through secrets/passwords anything.

This fact is usually underestimated unless we work on a…

Are you happy about TS? Good, really good! We’re all happy about you being happy too … now, can you let it go too? Thank you!

Enough is enough!

I understand these days most job offers put all possible buzzwords in the required skills, and TS happens to always be there, but I…

In 20+ years of programming, I’ve never needed to invert a binary tree except for that one time a silly interviewer asked me to do that for a web-related role. I have, however, encountered bitwise operations in hundreds of real-world situations. …

See that image? … wondering what is this all about?

Well, let me start with the TL;DR: those two are snapshots of the very same data stored in an IndexedDB instance … on the left, we have the usual careless, or lazy way, to store data we’re all used to…

It was the year 1998 when W3C proposed a way to gracefully enhance, via the CSS’ behavior property, any builtin element on the page that would inherit such behavior defined through one, or more, external .htc files.

<li style="behavior:url(">Example</li>

Use Case / Abstract

One limiting factor (…) is that there is no…

Andrea Giammarchi

Web, Mobile, IoT, and all JS things since 00's. Formerly JS engineer at @nokia, @facebook, @twitter.

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